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Blackberry Chocolate Cake

This is Formulab's signature and best-seller cake. Made with layers of chocolate feuilletine, vanilla almond sponge cake, creamy whipped bittersweet dark chocolate ganache, blackberry puree, and blackberry cremeux.
(N) / 
(GF Option Available)

Espresso Chocolate Brownie

The most chocolate-ty yet balance in flavour cake we ever pull off. It builds upon a layer of thick fudge brownie, followed by bittersweet dark chocolate ganache, the ultimate espresso cream, and tempered chocolate.

(N) (GF Option Available)

Strawberry Basil Cake

Built upon a light refreshing strawberry cheesecake, followed by Thai basil mousse, in between we have a vanilla almond sponge, sour strawberry gel, and creamy whipped vanilla ganache.
(N) / 
(GF Option Available)


Pistachio Earlgrey Cake

Lavish layers of pistachio sponge, Earl grey infused white chocolate ganache, and mousse, followed by a layer of refreshing elderflower gel, and garnish with whipped pistachio ganache.
(N) / (GF Option Available)

Yuzu Carrot Thyme Cake

One of the proudest flavours we ever pull off and experimented with. Spiced carrot cake, top with a light Yuzu mousse, thyme-infused gel, garnish with whipped Yuzu ganache, and fresh thyme.
(N) / 
(GF Option Available)

Black Sesame
Yuzu Cake

A flavour combination builds upon an airy black sesame sponge and a crunchy, thin bed of charcoal dark chocolate feuilletine sits beneath layers of earthy and creamy whipped dark sesame ganache. A vanilla whipped ganache is followed by a refreshing yuzu curd and garnished with vanilla cream and sesame tuile.

(GF Option Available)


New York

Formulab ultimate oven-baked New York Cheesecake using the one and only Philadelphia Cream cheese. Rich and creamy with a touch of fresh lemon juice.

(V) / (GF Option Available)


Matcha oven-baked New York style Cheesecake using the one and only Philadelphia Cream cheese. Earthy bittersweet Matcha with a silky creamy texture.

(V) / (GF Option Available)

(GF) Gluten Free / (N) Contain Nuts / (V) Vego / (VG) Vegan / (DF) Dairy Free

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