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How to place an order?

Orders can be placed via:

- email (

- Instagram (@formulabcbr)

- text or call (0450 250 322)


We typically require at least one days notice for any order, however we may be able to accomodate urgent orders, please contact 0450 250 322 to discuss.

Do you cater for dietary requirements?

We can organize a modified cake based on dietary requirements.

What are the sizes of cake available and how many flavors do you have?

We have 6 flavors to choose from in the following sizes:


SINGLE SERVE (3cm x 10cm)

SMALL (14cm x 14cm/ 900g),

MEDIUM (20cm x 10cm/ 1.2kg) or

LARGE (20cm x 20cm/ 2.4kg)

for any celebration cake (wedding, birthday party), we provide 2, 3, or 4 tiers cake. 
We have a cake brochure that gives you all the information on the flavor options, size guide, portion number, and price. 

How long does the cake last?

To ensure your cake remains in optimum condition, it is recommended that it be stored at 3-5C. If stored correctly your cake will look and taste great for two days, after that you may see some deterioration to its fresh decoration but it will still be delicious for another three days.

Where can we pick up our celebration cake?

Canberra locations are available in Barton, Fyshwick or Harrison.

How much notice is require to place an order?

For single-serve cake, we require a minimum of one business day.

For any other cake (Small, Medium, Large and cheesecakes), we require a minimum of two business days notice

Urgent orders can be accommodated, subject to availability. For any emergency cake order, please call 0450 250 322 to discuss.

Do we offer delivery?

Yes, delivery is available ONLY within the Canberra Region and is subject to availability and additional cost. T&C apply.

Delivery charges:

Less than 5km = $5

5-10km = $8

10-15km = $12

15+km = $17

Alternatively, pick-up is also available.

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